Cabaret Choral Scholarship

Departments: Music and Theatre Arts Categories: Music - Vocal
Amount Not available at this time.
Availability Not available.
Eligibility Criteria Faculty from the music and theatre arts department will nominate the recipient, who must be a member of the choral ensemble in the year in which the scholarship is received. The recipient is chosen on the basis of their contributions to the choral ensemble, and on the basis of their contributions to the Cabaret production.
Application Procedure There is no application procedure for this scholarship.
Selection Procedure Nomination and selection will be based on the criteria above.
Notification The recipient of the scholarship will receive official notification from the department of Music and Theatre Arts.
Special Notes This scholarship was made possible through a donation from Music Celebrations International.
Thank You The recipient should write a thank you letter to Music Celebrations International and submit it the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.