Dr. Aina Galejs Scholarship

Departments: International Education Categories: Graduate Students | International Students
Amount Four awards are available with a total amount of $88,816.
Availability Available.
Eligibility Criteria

Available to a male or female student of Latvian nationality from the Republic of Latvia who meets the following requirements:

1.) The recipient is an advanced undergraduate or post baccalaureate student with a good academic record at an institution of higher learning in the Republic of Latvia.

2.) The field of study is of importance to the economic rebirth of a democratic Latvia -- such as but not limited to: computer science, environmental protection and management, business administration, the teaching of English and other humanities.

3.) The student has a command of the American English language in order to follow lectures and converse with fellow students and teachers.

4.) The student is willing to participate in social activities with Latvian-Americans, within limits of accessibility.

5.) The student has native-speaker ability in Latvian and a commitment to assist with the instruction of UW-Eau Claire students in the semester in Latvia program before their departure and upon their return.

Application Procedure As established by Professor Paulis Lazda in coordination with the Center for International Education and the Admissions office.
Application Deadline Same as above
Selection Procedure Same as above
Selection Deadline Same as above
Notification Same as above
Thank You A thank you letter from recipients should be forwarded to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.