Leonard E Gibbs Scientific Reasoning Fund

Departments: Social Work Categories: Social Work
Amount One award of $500.
Availability Annually
Eligibility Criteria The award automatically goes to the 'Methods of Social Work Research' student with the highest-grade performance of each academic semester. Each semester's recipient will be selected and notified following the completion of the academic year. It is the donor's desire to recognize undergraduate students who have the best grasp of how to apply research concepts to making better judgments and decisions in practice.
Application Procedure N/A
Application Deadline N/A
Selection Procedure The department of social work selects the 'Methods of Social Work Research' student with the highest grade performance of each academic semester.
Selection Deadline Determined by the department.
Notification The social work chair will send a notification letter to the students and submit a Scholarship Award Form to the Financial Aid office.
Special Notes This fund was established by Dr. Leonard Gibbs, who died June 13, 2008.
Thank You A thank-you note should be sent to Betsy McDougall Gibbs, in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.