George Simpson Geography/Anthropology Honors Scholarship

Departments: Geography and Anthropology Categories: Geography and Anthropology | Honors
Amount A variable number of awards up to $500. Total amount available is $2,000.
Availability Annually.
Eligibility Criteria

Must be a declared major or minor, have completed the core introductory courses (GEOG 104, 111, 178, and 200 or ANTH 161, 165, 169, and an area course), and have resident and major/minor GPAs of at least 3.50.

Requirement Details:
(1) Conduct research and disseminate results: Satisfactorily complete one substantial faculty-student research collaboration in Geography or Anthropology that results in (a) a presentation at a regional, national, or international professional conference; and (b) an oral presentation to be given to at least three members of the faculty in such forums as departmental capstone presentations, regional conferences, UW-Eau Claire's annual Provost's Honors Symposium or professionally comparable venues.
(2) Satisfactorily complete GEOG 401 Capstone: Honors Section or ANTH 499, to include a thesis or substantial paper written under the supervision of a Geography or Anthropology faculty member, or publish collaborative research results (see Requirement #1) in a peer-reviewed journal.
(3) Maintain a 3.5 cumulative resident GPA and a 3.5 GPA in Geography or Anthropology courses.

Application Procedure Go to the Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network. Complete the Geography and Anthropology Scholarship Application.
Selection Procedure Recipients will be selected by the Geography and Anthropology Scholarship Committee.
Selection Deadline As determined by the department.
Notification Recipient(s) will receive official notification from the Department of Geography and Anthropology.
Special Notes This scholarship is supported by the George Simpson Geography Fund.
Thank You A thank you letter should be addressed to the Geography and Anthropology Scholarship Committee and sent in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation Office.