Unimin Corp. Freshman Geology Scholarship

Departments: Geology Categories: Geology | New Students
Amount Seven awards of $1,000.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship will be awarded to academically talented and motivated incoming freshmen. The awards will promote educational opportunities and encourage gifted academic leaders who are interested in majoring in geology.

Students who are majoring in Geology and have a demonstrated aptitude for the physical sciences will be considered for this scholarship. Candidates must rank in the top 25% of their graduating class or have a GPA of 3.0 or greater.

Preference will be given to candidates who show a strong academic record, involvement in extracurricular activities, and outstanding leadership potential.

This is a one-year scholarship, but if recipients maintain a minimum of a 3.2 GPA, successfully complete an introductory geology labratory class (meaning one of the following: Earth Science, Physical Geology, Environmental Geology, or Societal Issues in Earth Science), and continue to make satisfactory progress toward a degree in geology, they will be eligible for one of four $2,500 Unimin Corp. Sophomore Geology Scholarships for their sophomore year.

Application Procedure Incoming freshmen students who want to apply for the Unimin Corp. Freshman Geology Scholarship will find the application on the online Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network.
Selection Procedure

This merit based scholarship is awarded based on your admissions profile, high school transcript, and your completed online application. Award notices will be sent to recipients by February 21st. Recipients are required to accept their award by April 24. If the scholarship is not accepted by this date, it will be re-awarded.

Selection Deadline February 21.
Special Notes

Unimin Corporation is proud to partner with the UW-Eau Claire Department of Geology in promoting the new Responsible Mining Initiative through both technical and financial contributions. These will include a number of scholarships to be awarded to promising candidates, both incumbent students and incoming freshman. As a leading industrial sand producer in the State of Wisconsin, Unimin has held itself to a very high bar from an environmental, worker safety and social responsibility standpoint. Unimin looks forward to further investments in the future of Wisconsin to help University students graduate with degrees in Responsible Mining or Geology. For more information about Unimin Corp., please see www.unimin.com.

Thank You The recipients should write a thank you note to Unimin Corp. and send it in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation Office.