Willis & Betty Gertner Religious Studies Scholarship

Departments: Philosophy and Religious Studies Categories: Religious Studies
Amount One award of $1,000.
Availability Annually
Eligibility Criteria

Recipients of this scholarship must be a continuing junior or senior, be majoring in Religious Studies, and have a resident and major GPA of 3.0 or higher. Financial need is not a factor in determining an applicant's eligibility for this award.

Previous recipients of this scholarship may re-apply for the award, but the Religious Studies faculty will choose the most deserving student from the applicant pool each year. Renewal of this award is not guaranteed.

Application Procedure Applicants should obtain an application from the Religious Studies department. Please also include a short essay addressing the following points:
1. Why you chose to major in Religious Studies,
2. How you see the major making a difference in your life, and
3. What your career plans are after graduation.
Application Deadline First Monday in April.
Selection Procedure The Religious Studies faculty will select the recipient.
Selection Deadline Before the end spring semester.
Notification The Religious Studies department will notify the recipient via mail, and the department chair will complete and send a Scholarship Award Form to the Financial Aid office.
Thank You The recipient should write a thank you note to Betty Gertner and send it in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation Office.