Ambrion, Inc. Accounting Scholarship

Departments: Accounting and Finance Categories: Accounting and Finance
Amount One award of $1,000.
Availability Annually
Eligibility Criteria

Awarded to a full-time junior or senior accounting major who has completed Accounting 301 and has been admitted to the College of Business. Recipient must have a GPA of 3.25 or above and have plans to enter the accounting profession or related industry. The successful applicant for this award must have participated in college or community organizations and exhibited a potential for leadership as displayed by those activities.

This scholarship must not reduce other financial aid, excluding federal work-study funding. Also, financial need is not a requirement or a factor that should be used in evaluating potential recipients.

Application Procedure Contact the department of accounting and finance office for application information.
Application Deadline Applications become available the week before spring break and are due the week after spring break.
Selection Procedure The scholarship recipient will be selected by the department scholarship committee. In the event of a tie, the award will be given to the student with the highest overall GPA at the time. The scholarship will not be divided.
Selection Deadline In the spring, prior to the end of spring semester.
Notification The department scholarship committee will send the recipient a notification letter and complete and submit a scholarship award form to the Financial Aid office.
Special Notes

Brian Carlson earned his undergraduate degree in accounting from UW-Eau Claire in 1996. He is the founder and CEO of Ambrion, a Minneapolis-based search and placement firm that specializes in the accounting and finance profession. He also serves on the UW-Eau Claire Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Alyssa (Buchholtz) Carlson earned her accounting degree from UW-Eau Claire in 1999, and along with Brian, initially launched her accounting career at EY in Minneapolis.

As an undergraduate, Brian was a recipient of the Cargill Accounting Scholarship, which was based on academic achievement, not financial necessity. In appreciation for students in similar situations, Brian would like this scholarship to be awarded based on factors other than financial need.

Thank You Recipients must write a letter of thanks to Brian Carlson and send it in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.