Abigail Joy Stellmacher Graduate CSD Scholarship

Departments: Communication Science and Disorders Categories: Communication Sciences and Disorders | Graduate Students
Amount One award of $500.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must have completed a bachelor's degree or equivalent in communication disorders and be in the second year of the graduate degree program in CSD at UW-Eau Claire when this scholarship is received. The recipient must be composing a written thesis as part of program completion.

Financial need is not a requirement for eligibility.

Application Procedure

Applicants must complete the scholarship application form and have at least two letters of recommendation submitted by October 1st to be eligible. A personal statement no longer than two pages must also be included, that addresses the following: an explanation of the applicant's thesis project and its benefit to the discipline, a rationale for why the applicant deserves the scholarship, and any other factors the applicant deems relevant.

Contact the CSD Graduate Coordinator for more application instructions.

Application Deadline October 1st of the second year of the applicant's graduate program.
Selection Procedure

Awarding of the scholarship will be determined based upon a combination of past accomplishments and strong undergraduate academic records. Character and a commitment to completing a written thesis as a part of graduate program completion will also be considered.

A committee of CSD faculty will independently rank applications for this scholarship. In the event of a tie, committee members will be asked to rank the tied applicants. The Scholarship Committee will submit its rankings to the CSD Graduate Coordinator.

Selection Deadline November 1st of the second year of the applicant's graduate program.
Notification The department notifies the recipient in writing, with a copy of the letter sent to the research award sponsor. The department also submits a scholarship award form to the Financial Aid office.
Special Notes This fund was established by Rebecca and Jon Stellmacher in honor of their daughter Abigail, who completed undergraduate (2009) and graduate (2011) degrees in communication sciences and disorders at UW-Eau Claire. The donors understand that there are typically a limited number of CSD graduate students who complete a thesis in any given year. However, it is critical that the recipient of this scholarship be working on a thesis. The donors also understand that the fund may go un-awarded if there are no qualified thesis students.
Thank You The recipient should write a letter of thanks and address it to Abigail Meehl in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, and forward it to the CSD Graduate Coordinator.