MRK Teaching Scholarship

Departments: Education Studies Categories: Education
Amount One award of $500.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria One annual award will be presented to an education major entering his or her student teaching semester or year. The award will be divided evenly with $250 applied to the student's tuition account in the fall, and $250 in the spring. The recipient must be in good academic standing (as defined by the university) to receive the spring award.
Application Procedure

Go to the Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network. Complete the Teacher Education Scholarship Application.

Selection Procedure The Education Scholarship Committee will select the recipient of the scholarship based upon the criteria above.
Selection Deadline On or about April 1.
Notification The office of the associate dean of Education and Human Sciences will notify the recipient by letter. The recipient will be invited to participate in the College of Education and Human Sciences awards ceremony each spring.
Special Notes

The Konold family believes that the field of education is a very worthy career to pursue and is often underappreciated. They are thankful for the role educators have played in their lives both at the primary and secondary level. They understand that teachers are special people committed to sharing their love of knowledge as well as the endless hours of out-of-classroom preparation and planning. The Konold family hopes the granting of this scholarship will allow students to experience the student teaching environment without the worry of the added expenses.

The Konold's established this scholarship in December 2010, in honor of their daughter.

Thank You Recipient must write a letter of thanks to Kevin and Lori Konold and deliver it to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation Office.