Elisabeth M Coolidge Nursing Scholarship

Departments: College of Nursing and Health Sciences Categories: Nontraditional Students | Nursing
Amount One award at $500.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria

Recipient must be a student who is admitted to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and have junior or senior status at the time the scholarship is to be utilized. The recipient must be engaged in clinical practicum for the academic year in which the award is utilized, and have demonstrated financial need and show great promise in the field of nursing.

There is a preference for applicants who are non-traditional students, and additional preference for a female student.

Application Procedure To be considered for scholarships from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, you must be an admitted nursing student and meet any additional criteria as stated by the scholarships. In order to apply, please follow this link to the Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network:  http://uwec.scholarships.ngwebsolutions.com. This is an online scholarship application site managed by the UW-Eau Claire Foundation. Once you have entered the site, follow the directions below:
  • Use your UW-Eau Claire credentials (your UW-Eau Claire User Name and Password) to log-in to the site
  • Navigate to the College of Nursing Scholarship Application
    • This single application allows you to apply for all Nursing scholarships for which you are eligible
  • After you have submitted your completed application, please look for an email communication from scholarships@uwec.edu or Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network explaining your next steps
  • In April, if you have been awarded scholarships, you will receive an email from this same address which will direct you to go back to the Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network to review your scholarship(s)
  • You will also receive a letter from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences announcing any scholarships you have been awarded
Selection Procedure The Nursing Scholarship and Awards Committee will review applications and recommend a recipient to the dean.
Selection Deadline Prior to the Nursing Scholarship dinner.
Special Notes

In many ways, Elisabeth (Bette) Coolidge was a woman ahead of her time. Bette was raised in East Chicago, Indiana, where her father worked in the steel mills and her mother was a homemaker. Encouraged by her immigrant parents, who had third-grade educations, Bette and her three brothers all graduated from college. One became a priest, one a physician, one a dentist and Bette became a nurse-anesthetist. She earned her RN from St. Catherine's Hospital in East Chicago, her CRNA from Grace Hospital in Detroit, her BS in nursing from the University of San Diego and her MS in nursing from Marquette University in Milwaukee. Encouraged by the nuns she worked with in the hospitals, she rigorously pursued advanced learning opportunities whenever they were presented.

She became a nurse-anesthetist before the field of anesthesiology was a viable choice for physicians. Her greatest sense of professional accomplishment was never losing a patient in surgery, even when the surgical protocol for anesthesia was the either drip method, crude by today's standards.

Bette was born in 1921 and died in 2010. She is survived by her husband, daughter, son and two grandsons. Hers was a life well-lived.

Thank You The recipient should write a letter of thanks and update to Mr. Harold Coolidge and forward it to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.