Blugold Beginnings-Domer Foundation Scholarship

Departments: Blugold Beginnings* Categories: Blugold Beginnings | Disability | Diversity
Amount Variable number of awards with a total of $15,000 available.
Availability Annually
Eligibility Criteria

Recipient must have successfully participated in the Blugold Beginnings pre-college access program and be recommended by one of the program directors, advisors, or faculty. Recipient must be an incoming freshman accepted to UW-Eau Claire and have financial need.

The donor's preference is that highest priority shall be given to Blugold Beginnings students with disabilities and/or students from ethnic minority groups. If there are no students in the Blugold Beginnings program who meet these preferred criteria, the program should select the most deserving student who demonstrates the greatest potential for success at the University.

The Blugold Beginnings program leaders may require the recipient to also complete tutoring or mentoring activities during the year in which the award is made. The program directors/advisors/faculty will be responsible for monitoring this activity and determining if the recipient has fulfilled his/her obligation.

This scholarship is not renewable.

Application Procedure

To be considered for Incoming Freshman Student Admissions Scholarships, you must first be admitted to the university. Once you are admitted, you must:

  • Go to the Admissions Scholarship page and read through the information in the Apply for Scholarships section.
  • Then you can use the Apply online for scholarships link to complete the Admissions Scholarship application, available on the GOLD for Blugolds Scholarship Network.
Selection Procedure

The Admissions Office will coordinate the selection process, which is highly competitive. Applications will be considered holistically and include a review of the student's high school transcript, test scores, essays, class rank, class rigor, activities/involvement, etc.

Selection Deadline

Screening of candidates will begin in December for some early awards and continue through the spring or until awards are accepted.


Scholarship award notices will be sent to scholarship recipients by the beginning of April of the student's senior year. If scholarships are declined, they will be re-awarded to alternates through the summer months.

Special Notes

'Arnie' Domer was a true self-made man. Through years of dedication and effort, he surmounted humble beginnings and many obstacles, eventually working his way to a position of exceptional success and esteem in the Eau Claire community. He and his wife Lois were the founders of Arnie's Ski and Garden Center. He was a hard-driving businessman with a very soft heart, especially for animals and young people. Arnie believed in loyalty, honesty and hard work, and his life was a living example of all three.

Once they achieved their hard-earned success, Arnie and Lois were committed to the goal of reaching back to help young people achieve their aspirations. This scholarship honors and celebrates the life of Arnie Domer through its support of a young person who demonstrates the attributes he so deeply valued.

Arnie died in 2004 and Lois died in 2008.

Special Notes The donors would like to see the scholarship rotated among different groups of students so there is a broad representation from among the recipients.
Thank You The recipient should write a letter of thanks to the Trustees of the Arnold and Lois Domer Foundation, in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.