Willa Hamlin Int'l Study Abroad Scholarship

Departments: International Education Categories: Study Abroad
Amount Not available
Availability Not available
Eligibility Criteria Awarded to a deserving student with financial need who will be participating in a study abroad experience through UW-Eau Claire.
Application Procedure The application is available on the Center for International Education website.
Application Deadline August 15 for spring programs if no award was made for fall. April 15 for fall/academic year programs.
Selection Procedure The study abroad Grant Committee reviews applications and recommends the recipient to the director of the Center for International Education.
Selection Deadline Mid-September for spring programs. Mid-May for fall/academic year programs.
Notification Notification will be sent by CIE to the recipient by email. The director will submit a scholarship award form to the Financial Aid office.
Special Notes Willa Hamlin graduated in 1997 from UW-Eau Claire. She studied abroad as a nontraditional student at a university in St. Petersburg, Russia. Willa's son, daughter-in-law and daughter all studied abroad. Willa loves to travel and treasures study abroad as a way of understanding the people and cultures in our world today and encourages students to do the same. As Willa says, 'We are all in this together.'
Thank You Recipient must write a letter of thanks and forward it to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.