Charles and Rochelle Szews Graduate Scholarship

Departments: Communication Science and Disorders Categories: Communication Sciences and Disorders | Graduate Students
Amount One award available at $1,500.
Availability Annually
Eligibility Criteria This scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding graduate student in communication sciences and disorders. Preference will be given to a second-year graduate student interested in clinical applications in a designated area focusing on cleft palate/maxilla facial imbalance and/or pragmatic communication difficulties, including autism spectrum disorders.
Application Procedure Only applicants who complete the scholarship application form and have at least two letters of recommendation for the scholarship submitted by October 1st of the second year of their graduate program will be eligible for the award. Contact the CSD Graduate Coordinator for application instructions.
Application Deadline October 1 of the second year of the graduate program.
Selection Procedure Awarding of the scholarship will be determined based upon a combination of past accomplishments and strong graduate academic records. A committee of past CSD master's degree graduates will independently rank applications for this scholarship, as will a committee of CSD faculty. In the event of a tie, faculty members will be asked to rank the tied applications.
Selection Deadline Mid-November.
Notification The award winner will be notified in writing in mid-November.
Special Notes

Charles and Rochelle Szews are both 1978 graduates of UW-Eau Claire. Charles obtained a degree in accounting and is now the President/CEO of Oshkosh Corporation.

Rochelle Szews graduated with an undergraduate degree in communication sciences and disorders and holds a graduate degree in CSD from Western Michigan University.

Thank You The recipient should write a letter of thanks to Charles and Rochelle Szews, in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, and forward it to the CSD Graduate Coordinator, who will in turn forward the letter on to the Foundation.