Grace Walsh Scholarship

Departments: Communication and Journalism Categories: Communication and Journalism | New Students
Amount A variable number of awards with a total amount available of $19,000.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria Open to outstanding student competitors of the nationally-ranked Forensics Team. Sixty percent of the annual scholarship funds are to be awarded to incoming members and forty percent of the scholarship funds are to be awarded to returning members who meet eligibility requirements.
Application Procedure Go to the Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network. Complete the Forensics Scholarship Application.
Selection Procedure The director of Forensics will make the selection.
Selection Deadline June 1.
Notification Official notification will be sent to all nominees by the Forensics director.
Special Notes

Grace Walsh joined the faculty at Eau Claire Teachers College in 1944. The first debate topic was, “Should F.D.R or Dewey be elected in November?”. By 1945 she was sponsoring both high school and college tournaments and her students were participating in national competitions. Walsh would be very proud that these high school and college tournaments continue today at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Professor Walsh and her forensics students organized annual summer institutes for high school students, the first in Wisconsin. She coached many students who won or placed among the top competitors at the Interstate Oratorical Contest, the oldest intercollegiate forensics contest in the United States.

Over the years Walsh coached many remarkable students who went on to enjoy successful careers. Walsh was a legend among forensics students and their coaches across the United States. She was one of the first women to hold a position of authority in a National Forensics Organization. Grace is also founder of one of the eleven events performed today on the college circuit. She wrote the rules and the event description of the event known as Communication Analysis.

Professor Walsh retired in 1980 and died in 2000. Until the time of her death, she enjoyed being visited by UW-Eau Claire forensics students. The Grace Walsh Scholarships continue to be supported by both alumni who worked with Grace and alumni who support the forensics program and the directors who came after Grace. The Grace Walsh Tournament held the second full weekend of February at UW-Eau Claire honors her. Today the outstanding forensics program at UW-Eau Claire continues to follow many of the traditions and success founded by Grace Walsh while accepting new challenges and creating new traditions.