Ron Brown Jazz Memorial Scholarship

Departments: Music and Theatre Arts Categories: Music - Instrumental
Amount One award of $400.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria Awarded to an outstanding jazz music student who has demonstrated financial need as confirmed by the financial aid office. Priority will be given to a student who has a particular affinity for, and interest in, performing American style dixieland and other jazz styles, such as big band, blues and ragtime.
Application Procedure Go to the Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network. For first time music students, complete the Music and Theatre Arts Audition Application. For continuing music students, complete the Music and Theatre Arts Scholarship Application.
Selection Procedure Jazz faculty members will select the recipient.
Notification The Jazz faculty will inform the department chair of the designated recipient and the recipient will be notified by the department.
Special Notes This scholarship was established in 2008 in memory of Ron Brown, the father of Betty (Twink) Hanson, a retired academic staff member at UW-Eau Claire, and the other Brown children - Steve, Barb and Brian. Mr. Brown was an avid jazz fan who loved the American style of jazz music. He counted among his friends members of the Bob Scobey Frisco band, and he regularly traveled to see bands throughout the Midwest. His great sense of humor and warm personality made him a good friend to countless people who miss him.
Thank You The recipient is expected to send a thank you note addressed to Twink Hanson and send it to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.