Tim and Melissa Hoeppner Opportunity Scholarship

Departments: Admissions Categories: Farm or Rural Community | New Students
Amount One $5000 award. Two renewals of $5000 each. All awards total $15,000.
Availability Two renewals and one new scholarship are available.
Eligibility Criteria

Awarded to incoming freshmen with great potential and significant financial need. Candidates must have a minimum of a 25 composite on the ACT (or comparable SAT) AND rank in the top 25% of their graduating class (or GPA of 3.5) to be eligible.

The primary consideration for this scholarship is for students who have extraordinary circumstances in their lives that make paying for a college education very challenging. The donors' first preference is to help students from urban areas. The second preference would be for students from economically challenged rural areas.

This scholarship may be renewed for up to a total of four years as long as the recipient continues to make satisfactory academic progress.

Application Procedure

To be considered for Incoming Freshman Student Admissions Scholarships, you must first be admitted to the university. Once you are admitted, you must:

  • Go to the Admissions Scholarship page and read through the information in the Apply for Scholarships section.
  • Then you can use the Apply online for scholarships link to complete the Admissions Scholarship application, available on the GOLD for Blugolds Scholarship Network.
Selection Procedure

The Admissions Office will coordinate the selection process, which is highly competitive. Applications will be considered holistically and include a review of the student's high school transcript, test scores, essays, class rank, class rigor, activities/involvement, etc.

Selection Deadline Screening of candidates will begin in December for some early awards and continue through the spring or until awards are accepted.
Notification Award notices will be sent to scholarship recipients by the beginning of April of the student's senior year of high school. If scholarships are declined, they will be re-awarded to alternates through the summer months. The renewal will be confirmed by the Financial Aid office and is automatic for up to three years if the recipient meets the qualifications noted above.
Special Notes This scholarship was established by Tim and Melissa Hoeppner. Tim, a 1982 UW-Eau Claire graduate, and Melissa both appreciate the importance of a college degree. They also have benefitted first-hand from scholarships that helped them obtain their educational goals. They want to make a difference for the students who will receive their scholarships. They also are taking advantage of the generous corporate match from Tim's employer to fund this scholarship.
Thank You Thank you notes should be addressed to Tim and Melissa Hoeppner and sent in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.