Mickey Crothers Creative Expression Award

Departments: Women's Studies* Categories: Art & Design | English | Music | Theatre Arts | Women's Studies
Amount One award of $250.
Availability Annually
Eligibility Criteria Available to undergraduate women only, who are doing a creative project in the arts with themes related to gender issues (e.g., films, multi-media, songs, creative writing, sculpture, painting, drawing, digital, computer, etc. as well as recordings of dance, theater, and other performances). Preference is given to a first generation student and/or student with senior status who has expressed her intent of obtaining a graduate education, or apprenticeship in the arts.
Application Procedure Students submit their project to the women's studies program, and provide an accompanying artist's statement explaining or contextualizing the project.
Application Deadline Early spring semester. Exact date varies.
Selection Procedure A women's studies faculty committee reviews all projects and selects the award.
Selection Deadline Prior to the celebration held during Women's History Month.
Notification Winners are announced at the annual women's studies celebration held during Women's History Month. The department director submits a scholarship award form to Financial Aid.
Special Notes An anonymous donor established this award to honor Dr. Marie (Mickey) Crothers and recognize her generous spirit and willingness to reach out to so many people on campus and in the community. Dr. Crothers is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology, who joined UW-Eau Claire's psychology department in 1997. Her teaching is enriched through her ongoing clinical work in the community. Her research interests include family communication in the presence of life-threatening illness, sexual assault prevention, human responses to trauma and loss, and hypnosis. She teaches courses in abnormal psychology, theories of counseling, child psychopathology and general psychology. Dr. Crothers received the 2002-2003 Excellence in Teaching Award, which is selected by alumni and recognizes an outstanding ability to inspire students to high standards of scholarship. Dr. Crothers is widely respected by her colleagues and students.
Thank You Recipients are expected to write a thank you note addressed to 'Dear Donor' and send it in care of the UW- Eau Claire Foundation. This note will be forwarded to the anonymous donor that established this fund.