Herlihy Scholarships for Women of Substance

Departments: International Education Categories: Nontraditional Students | Study Abroad
Amount A variable number of awards between $250 and $1,000. Total amount available is $1,500.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria Recipients must be non-traditional female UW-Eau Claire students who have been accepted into a UW-Eau Claire study abroad program. The definition of non-traditional students is as follows: 25 years old or older, married, a parent, a US military veteran, or someone who has an interruption of two or more years in their education after high school.
Application Procedure The application is available online through the Center for International Education website.
Application Deadline April 15 for fall/academic year;
August 15 for winterim/spring;
February 15 for summer if all awards were not made in previous terms
Selection Procedure The UW-Eau Claire Study Abroad Grant Committee reviews applications in consultation with the Nontraditional Student Adviser and recommends the recipient to the Director of the Center for International Education.
Selection Deadline Mid-May for fall/academic year programs;
Mid-September for winterim/spring programs;
Mid-March for summer programs
Notification Notification will be sent by CIE to the recipient by email. The CIE Director will complete & submit a Scholarship Award Form to the Financial Aid office.
Thank You A thank you note should be addressed to 'Dear Donors' and sent in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation Office.