Ryan Prechel Community Service Fellowship

Departments: Academic Affairs | Service-Learning Categories: Any Course of Study | Service Learning
Amount One award of $1,250.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria The fellowship shall be awarded to a UW-Eau Claire student or group of students who have a specific community service activity they wish to complete. The community service activity must directly impact the lives of those served and have a specific purpose and timeline. The fellowship may be used by one student for one specific activity or by a group of students participating in any of the organized service activities sponsored by the University, such as Winter Break Alternative, Summer Service Fellowship or other such programs. The project must be articulated through a plan of action in terms of the activity, any arrangements that have been made, the target audience of the service and the anticipated outcome. The fellowship award must be used to fulfill the service learning aspect on items such as supplies, materials, resources directly used in providing service to the target population and nominal travel and lodging expenses if the service activity is located outside the greater Chippewa Valley. The recipient(s) shall receive half of the grant at the outset of the activity and the other half when they complete the project and provide a report on the impact of their service activity.
Application Procedure An application form must be completed and submitted to the Center for Service Learning. The application may be found online at www.uwec.edu/SL/students/fellowships.htm. The application should include a letter explaining the service project and at least one faculty recommendation endorsing the service project.
Application Deadline First Monday in April. The recipient shall use these funds beginning in the following fall semester through the next summer semester. The recipient shall complete the service project and provide a report (written or orally) on the trip and service activity before the summer semester ends, so allotted funds can be administered.
Selection Procedure Representatives from the UW-Eau Claire Center for Service Learning shall review applications and references and select the recipient(s). After the student is selected, a DA form from the Foundation will be processed. The student will receive the first $625 for initial expenses. The student needs to keep ALL receipts from all purchases. At the end of the project the student will send in all the receipts with another DA form indicating total expenses. The student will then get reimbursed any additional expenses past the initial $625 and up to $1,250. The student will only receive money that is a direct cost of the project and has a receipt.
Selection Deadline Prior to the Service Learning Community Breakfast
Notification The fellowship award shall be announced and presented at the annual Community Service recognition breakfast in the spring. The recipient(s) is expected to then represent a report on the service activity at the subsequent Community Service breakfast after the fellowship is granted.
Special Notes

The Ryan Prechel Community Service Fellowship was established by David and Nancy Prechel, Ryan's parents, in recognition of Ryan's exceptional career as a student leader at UW-Eau Claire. Ryan, who was an active participant in the UW-Eau Claire Honors Program, received his BS degree in computer science with a minor in business administration in 2005.

While a UW-Eau Claire student, Ryan coordinated Honors Week activities for many collegiate honor societies, created and maintained honor society web sites, and was a member and leader of numerous honor societies. He twice served as master of ceremonies of the Honors Banquet. In addition, he worked as a computer programmer and web designer, was a student research assistant, and presented a number of research posters at Student Research Day at UW-Eau Claire. He also provided leadership for Habitat for Humanity and Two to Tango. After earning the rank of Eagle Scout, he continued his involvement with the Boy Scouts of America by serving as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

The Prechels also have established the Ryan Prechel Scholarship at UW-Eau Claire to recognize students who demonstrate a balanced approach to their education focusing on excellence in academics, campus and community leadership and service to others. The Prechels seek to recognize and support students who have a passion for community service. When possible, Ryan Prechel and/or Prechels will attend the Community Service breakfast to help in awarding the Ryan Prechel Community Fellowship.

Thank You The recipient is expected to write a thank you note to David and Nancy Prechel and send it in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.