Student Accounting Society Scholarship

Departments: Accounting and Finance Categories: Accounting and Finance
Amount Two awards of $500.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria

The recipients must be full-time accounting majors who are members in good standing of the Student Accounting Society (SAS) during both the application term and the preceding term. Exceptions may be allowed for members involved in internships or other official university-approved absences. Priority will be given to more active members -- activity being defined as regular attendance, working in the tutor lab, attending socials, and serving on committees or the Executive Board. GPA may also be considered.

The applicant for the first award must have earned a minimum of 90 credits as of the beginning of the application term. The applicant for the second award must have earned a minimum of 60 credits as of the beginning of the application term.

Application Procedure To be considered for the award, contact the chair of the accounting and finance department Scholarship Committee. Interested applicants should submit the scholarship application and any other requested material to the department.
Application Deadline Applications become available the week before spring break and are due the week after spring break.
Selection Procedure The scholarship recipient will be selected on or around March 1, by the Scholarship Committee based upon the criteria above.
Notification The recipient will be notified by letter from the Scholarship Committee. The committee chair will submit a scholarship award form to the Financial Aid office.
Thank You The recipient is encouraged to send a thank you note to UW-Eau Claire Chapter of the Student Accounting Society, in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.