Wipfli LLP Accounting Scholarship

Departments: Accounting and Finance Categories: Accounting and Finance
Amount Two awards of $1,750.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria These scholarships will be awarded during the spring semester of each academic year to a junior accounting major who has been admitted to the College of Business. Recipient must have completed 60-90 credits by June of the current academic year.
Application Procedure The Department of Accounting and Finance determines who is to receive the awards.
Application Deadline Applications become available the week before spring break and are due the week after spring break.
Selection Procedure

Candidate selection choices will be made by the Department of Accountancy Scholarship Committee in consultation with representatives of Wipfli LLP.

The following criteria will be considered: applicant is a full time student who shows above-average academic achievement (a 3.0 GPA or above), has participated in University, department and/or community organizations, has a potential for leadership as displayed by activities while in college, has the ability and desire to enter the accounting profession, and has indicated a willingness to remain in the Wipfli LLP service area.

The award must be given to someone in need of financial assistance.

In the event of a tie among potential candidtates, the award will be given to the student with the highest overall grade point average at that time.

Each award shall not be divided.

Selection Deadline Spring semester, before University Honors Banquet.
Notification The recipient will be sent a notification letter prior to the Honors Banquet.
Special Notes This scholarship was established through contributions to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation by alumni and other associates employed by Wipfli LLP as a manifestation of their esteem for the excellent job done in preparing accountants for the profession. The purpose of this fund is to recognize the contributor's high regard for broad participation in activities, academic and non-academic, and their desire to enhance educational opportunities for young people.