Knight Foundation Journalist of Promise Scholars

Departments: Communication and Journalism Categories: Communication and Journalism | Diversity
Amount One award of $3,000.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship is intended for the top five multicultural high school students who have attended the Journalism and Beyond summer camps, have been accepted at UW-Eau Claire, and are enrolled in the prescribed journalism course curriculum.

Recipient would receive an initial scholarship for the freshman year and then be eligible to receive larger scholarships in subsequent years if they meet certain eligibility criteria.

Application Procedure Interested applicants must have attended the Journalism and Beyond summer camp and should contact camp staff or the Chair of the Department of Communication and Journalism.
Selection Procedure Applicants are selected at the end of each summer camp by the camp staff, and must enroll in journalism at UW-Eau Claire to receive the scholarship.
Notification The chair of the department will send notification to the recipients.
Special Notes This scholarship is intended to support career mentoring and professional activities for the recipients while they attend UW-Eau Claire as undergraduates. Increasing the scholarship after the freshman year provides an incentive for the students to remain focused and set goals. The Knight Foundation believes that if the recipients come to UW-Eau Claire, immediately become involved, participate in special activities designed for them, and continue to receive special mentoring from the journalism professionals who were their mentors at camp, they will graduate well-prepared for careers in journalism.
Thank You Recipients should send a thank you note to the John and James Knight Foundation, in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation Office.