Novoprint Excellence in Cartography Scholarship

Departments: Geography and Anthropology Categories: Geography and Anthropology
Amount Not available at this time.
Availability Pending
Eligibility Criteria

Each semester, this fund will provide several awards to students for excellence in map-making skills as evaluated through a competition in the designated cartography class. One student each semester will receive the top scholarship award of $200 for outstanding map-making skills.

In addition, up to ten students per year will each receive an internship award to complete a specific map project in cooperation with the department and NovoPrint.

Application Procedure See the designated cartography faculty member for details.
Application Deadline Determined by the department.
Selection Procedure The cartography faculty member teaching the cartography class will receive submissions and coordinate the evaluation process.
Selection Deadline Determined by the department.
Notification The cartography faculty member will submit a scholarship award form to the Financial Aid office in order for the scholarship to be paid to the fall and spring recipients.
Thank You Recipients should address thank you letters to Joe Steucken at NovoPrint and send them to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.