Kirkwood Poetry Award

Departments: English Categories: English
Amount $300 total. Can be one $100 award, and one $200 award, OR one award of $300. Additionally, $100 can be presented to the judge of the poetry.
Availability Annually.
Eligibility Criteria This award shall be given to a student who has been selected to have written the most outstanding poem submitted in traditional poetic form for that year. All English majors and minors and any UW-Eau Claire student who has submitted work to, or been published in, NOTA during the academic year for which the award is given may submit a poem. Up to three poems may be submitted for consideration.
Application Procedure Go to the Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network. Complete the English Scholarship Application.
Application Deadline Determined by the English department.
Selection Procedure A committee of English department faculty shall review the submitted poems and choose the best one submitted. This committee also may select a group of finalist poems to be reviewed by a guest judge who also would be a featured author for the English Festival.
Selection Deadline March 1.
Notification The award will be announced at the annual English End-of-Year Celebration, where the recipient will be expected to read his/her poem. If the recipient is unable to attend, the award still will be announced at the End-of-Year Celebration.
Special Notes Richard Kirkwood taught English and poetry at UW-Eau Claire for 34 years. He was widely respected and admired as a poet and teacher of poetry who worked with traditional poetic form. He was especially fond of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and other classic works rendered in heroic couplets, but he also asked his students to compose verses in such traditional, challenging forms as villanelles and sestinas. He retired in 1998 and died in December of 2013.
Thank You As a condition of accepting this award, the recipients are expected to write two thank you letters; one addressed to Bonnie Kirkwood and one to Suzanne Bardouche and send them in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.