Rick Schroder & Evelyn Zabo Business Scholarship

Departments: College of Business Categories: Business | Extracurricular Activities
Amount Not Available
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Eligibility Criteria

Beta Upsilon Sigma (BUS) affiliation in good standing is required of all recipients. Student can be a member of the BUS executive board and/or committees, and have affiliation with a community beyond the University through work, volunteer or community service activities. Recipients must have junior or senior standing at the time of utilization of the scholarship and be accepted to the College of Business. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 2.75.

This scholarship is renewable to the same student only if no other qualified recipients are identified.

Application Procedure Application forms are available in the College of Business. To be considered for an award, the recipient must have submitted an application for the scholarship and provide documentation of the eligibility criteria.
Application Deadline Determined annually by the College of Business.
Selection Procedure Under the guidance of the BUS advisers, the recipients will be selected by a committee of seniors who will be graduating and ineligible for the scholarship. Recipients will be selected in the spring and the scholarship will be paid during the next academic year.
Notification Recipients will be notified in writing by the BUS chapter and will be recognized by the annual College of Business Scholarship Recognition Event. The BUS adviser submits a scholarship award form for each recipient to Financial Aid.
Thank You Recipients should write two letters of appreciation; one to Rick Schroder and one to Evelyn Zabo. The letters should be sent in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.