Helen's Special Fund - University Women's Association

Departments: Financial Aid Categories: Emergency Assistance | Nontraditional Students | Veterans
Amount A variable number of awards up to $1,700. Total amount available is $1,700.
Availability As needed.
Eligibility Criteria Provide funds, subject to adjustments based on available resources, to single parent students and students who are Veterans at UW-Eau Claire who have emergency funding needs for their dependent children. The dependent children must be under the age of 18 and any emergency grant shall be based on their health, education and welfare needs. The emergency needs should be such that failure to address them will cause the single parent student to withdraw from classes at UW-Eau Claire or have his/her own educational progress seriously impeded.
Application Procedure Qualifying students need to contact the scholarship coordinator in Fnancial Aid to request funding and provide information to support their claim of need.
Application Deadline Students may be referred to the Financial Aid ofice by faculty and staff.
Selection Procedure The financial aid officer in charge of this grant will assess the need and resources available to determine whether assistance can be given to eligible students.
Selection Deadline N/A
Notification Students receiving an emergency grant will receive notification of the fund disbursement as soon as possible, usually within a day. Financial Aid requests the funds from the Foundation.
Special Notes This grant is named after Amy E. Thurston's mother, Helen Kroll Thurston Belongia.
Thank You The recipient is expected to send a thank you note to the University Women's Association and Amy Thurston in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.