Donna C. and Susan C. Turell Award

Departments: Women's Studies* Categories: Graduate Students | Women's Studies
Amount One award of $200.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria Nominees of the women's studies awards competition are eligible. Awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student who has completed an outstanding paper or project that illustrates the application of feminism to their lives.
Application Procedure Faculty mentors nominate student works. Each entry must include a faculty statement or recommendation and all pertinent attachments before submission to the women's studies judges' panel. Students are encouraged to contact a professor to initiate the process.
Application Deadline Early spring. Exact date varies. Contact women's studies.
Selection Procedure A women's studies faculty committee reviews all projects and selects the winner.
Selection Deadline Prior to the women's studies celebration held during Women's History Month.
Notification Winners are announced at the annual celebration held during Women's History Month. The director submits a scholarship award form to the Financial Aid office.