Richard deGrood Scholarship

Departments: Philosophy and Religious Studies Categories: Philosophy | Religious Studies | Study Abroad
Amount One award of $700.
Availability Annually
Eligibility Criteria Available to a philosophy or religious studies major or minor who has been accepted into the study abroad program. The student must be a continuing sophomore, junior or senior in whose performance exemplifies excellence. Applicants must have a minimum resident GPA and major GPA of 3.0.
Application Procedure

In no more than two double-spaced pages, applicants should indicate:

1.) Extracurricular activities in the community or on campus.

2.) Previous awards, recognitions, or scholarships.

3.) What percentage of their college expenses they must personally provide

4.) A description of their employment that finances their education.

5.) How the deGrood Study Abroad Scholarship will aid their studying abroad.

6.) How the scholarship would enhance learning experiences in philosophy or religious studies.

7.) How the student's international experience would benefit their future career.

Submit the application to the department office. An incomplete application will not be considered.

Application Deadline First Monday in April.
Selection Procedure The department, in consultation with the Center for International Education will select the recipient based upon the criteria noted above.
Selection Deadline Before the end of spring semester.
Notification The department chair sends a notification letter to the recipient and submits a scholarship award form to Financial Aid. The recipient is expected to attend a spring semester event (reception or dinner to be determined by the department) which will be outlined in the award letter.
Thank You The recipient should send a thank you letter to Deirdre deGrood in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.