Tillie Olsen Creative Writing Award

Departments: Women's Studies* Categories: Graduate Students | Research | Women's Studies
Amount One award of $50.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria Offered for an outstanding fiction or creative non-fiction submission by a student whose work explores progressive gender relationships. The award can be to an undergraduate or graduate student, with preference (but not exclusively) for a freshman or sophomore student. Submissions could have been written for a course, an interdisciplinary research paper or project, or independently.
Application Procedure Submit papers to the women's studies department for consideration. Contact the department for further information.
Application Deadline Early spring semester. Exact date varies.
Selection Procedure A women's studies faculty committee reviews all projects and selects the award winner.
Selection Deadline Prior to the celebration held during Women's History Month.
Notification Winners are announced at the annual women's studies celebration held during Women's History Month. The program director submits a scholarship award form to the Financial Aid office.
Special Notes Tillie Olsen, highly praised author of Tell Me a Riddle, Silences, and Yonnondio, writes about people who have been denied the opportunity to express and develop themselves because of their class, sex, or ethnicity. She is regarded as one of the earliest spokespersons for the contemporary women’s movement.