Ray Petkovsek Accounting Excellence Scholarship

Departments: Accounting and Finance Categories: Accounting and Finance | Wisconsin Residents | Wisconsin Residents - Specific Areas
Amount One award of $400.
Availability Annually
Eligibility Criteria

Student must be a full-time accounting major admitted to the College of Business with plans and ability to enter the public accounting profession. The recipient must be at least a junior with a GPA of 3.30.

Financial need is required.

First preference will be given to students from Greenwood, WI, High School. If no there is no qualified applicant from Greenwood High School, there is a second preference for a student from Clark County, WI, and a third preference for a Wisconsin resident.

Application Procedure A letter of application should be submitted to the accounting and finance Scholarship Committee along with a transcript of all academic work completed.
Application Deadline Applications become available the week before spring break and are due the week after spring break.
Selection Procedure The Scholarship Committee will make the selection.
Selection Deadline As determined by the Scholarship Committee, but no later than June 1.
Notification The Scholarship Committee submits a scholarship award form to Financial Aid and sends written notification to the recipient prior to June 1.
Special Notes Ray Petkovsek is a 1973 UW-Eau Claire accounting graduate. His dairy farm upbringing near Willard, WI taught him the strong work ethic needed to succeed in life. He worked during high school and college to pay for his own university education. Ray is the founding and managing partner of the accounting firm Petkovsek & Moran, LLP in Madison, WI and a past president of the Wisconsin Institute of CPAs and the WICPA Educational Foundation, Inc.
Thank You The recipient is encouraged to send a thank you note to Ray Petkovsek, CPA in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.