William and Marion Lieske Memorial Scholarship

Departments: College of Arts and Sciences Categories: Biology | Chemistry | Geography and Anthropology | Geology | Materials Science | Mathematics | Minnesota Residents | Physics and Astronomy | Wisconsin Residents
Amount One award of $4,200.
Availability Available
Eligibility Criteria

Open to sophomore, junior or senior level students majoring in mathematics or the physical sciences (biology, chemistry, materials science, physical geography, geology and physics and astronomy). There is a preference for recipients from Wisconsin and/or Minnesota to receive the award. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher, with preference given to the candidate with the greatest GPA.

Recipient must have financial need as determined by the Financial Aid office.

It may be renewed if a previous recipient reapplies.

Application Procedure Go to the Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network. Complete the scholarship application that corresponds with your major(s). The information gathered through that scholarship application will automatically enter you into consideration for all College of Arts & Sciences scholarships for which you are eligible.
Selection Procedure The chair/director of each department/program will select up to two finalists from all of the applications received in their department/program. The Arts & Sciences dean's office will be notified of the finalists from each department/program by April 1st via a forwarded copy of the finalists' application forms. A packet of up to two applications from each department/program should be sent to each of the chairs/directors for final ranking. The Arts & Sciences Scholarship Committee, composed of the chairs/directors of the departments/programs involved, and chaired by the dean or dean's designee, will meet in early April to select the overall finalist for the award.
Notification The dean will notify the recipient by letter.
Special Notes This scholarship was established through a generous gift of property from Bill and Marion Lieske. Marion said the decision to give the gift of their house was made in the hopes of helping future generations. Bill died in 1995 and Marion proceeded to work diligently in establishing the criteria for creating and disbursing this scholarship. Marion said, 'Bill and I often thought of what the financial help of a scholarship might mean to someone struggling to arrange a scholastic program for themselves. Our help might enable students to get the education needed to help them find solutions to some of the many problems that now face our world.' A life-long lover of education, Marion died at age 96, in 2008.
Thank You Recipients should write three thank you notes addressed to the following people; Mary Bryant, Shelia Lieske, and James Lieske. Send the letters in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.