Eileen Phillips Cohen String Quartet Scholarship

Departments: Music and Theatre Arts Categories: Music - Instrumental
Amount Four awards matching tuition costs.
Availability Annually
Eligibility Criteria

Beginning with the 2013-14 academic year, the department shall award up to four scholarships in the amount of full in-state tuition for one academic year. The recipients of the scholarships also shall be members of the University Orchestra and selected by a committee consisting of the Orchestra conductor, chair of the department of music and theatre arts and a third member of the music faculty.

Financial need is not a consideration - it is the donor's intent that the very best musicians who play the four instruments in the string quartet be selected.

Application Procedure In order to apply for this scholarship go to the Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network. Complete the Music and Theatre Arts L.E. Phillips String Quartet Scholarship Application. New music students must also complete the Music and Theatre Arts Audition Application
Selection Procedure

Recipients shall be chosen based upon their musical talent and potential to be leaders of the Orchestra in key positions.

The scholarship awards are intended to be annual awards, but they may be renewed for subsequent years. Renewal of the scholarship is not automatic. It depends upon the student's contributions to the Eileen Phillips Cohen String Quartet, the University Orchestra, musical performance in the preceding year and satisfactory academic progress.

Selection Deadline Prior to the academic year.
Notification All nominees will receive official notification from the department.
Special Notes

The L.E. Phillips String Quartet shall be THE premiere student instrumental music quartet at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. As such, the Quartet will be featured performers at major university events such as a chancellor's inauguration, commencement, UW-System Regents meetings, major donor events, etc. It is expected that the L.E. Phillips String Quartet shall present an annual concert open to the public at which Mrs. Cohen will be honored for her family's generosity. The music and theatre arts chair and the conductor of the University Orchestra shall be responsible for determining the annual performance schedule for the L.E. Phillips String Quartet.

The L.E. Phillips String Quartet Fellowships shall be funded annually by the L.E. Phillips Family Foundation. The amount of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation's request to the Phillips Foundation will be the difference between the total anticipated award amount (based upon the estimated in-state tuition for that year) and the annual income from the Eileen Phillips Cohen Endowed Fellowship Fund. The annual funding request shall be submitted in January of each year and the funds will be used to support fellowships for the following academic year. Any reference to the musicians and the quartet must carry the L.E. Phillips String name.

Thank You A thank you note should be addressed to the Cohen Family and sent in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation. The recipients shall be expected to provide an annual update to the Cohen Family on their studies and musical work in the Orchestra and elsewhere.