On this website you will find information about scholarships made possible through the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, Inc. thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends of the University. Each year, the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, Inc. awards more than $1.6 million in scholarships to UW-Eau Claire students. These donors are motivated by a desire to help deserving students accomplish their educational goals and reach their full potential.

Most of these scholarships have specific criteria that must be met in order for a student to be eligible for consideration. These criteria include things such as academic major, geographical area, financial need, academic accomplishments, specific talents, etc.

Academic departments have primary responsibility for awarding scholarships. The departments have additional information on the award process including application details and deadlines. Incoming students or applicants should contact the UW-Eau Claire Admissions Office about how to be considered for Foundation scholarships.

This website provides access to lists of scholarships by department and by various categories including academic areas and educational activities. Searching is also available on scholarship name.

Take some time to learn more about the many scholarships available through the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, Inc. – this is an investment in YOUR future.